Enjoy browsing www.YourPerfect812Home.com. This site is a perfect reflection and introduction of me to you. Here’s why:

First, “812” refers to the area code for southern Indiana. And within that area code, I focus on helping clients who seek property in the counties of:

Clark Crawford Floyd Harrison Washington*

And that’s where we’ll find YOUR PERFECT HOME.

My area code has been 812 for 48 years . . . since 1969.

Having relocated to Louisville from my growing-up years in Nebraska, I married into a Louisville family. Our Louisville family wondered about our wisdom of crossing the Ohio River to live in the hinter lands of Indiana. After one year in our little rented Clarksville home, we purchased our perfect forever home in Jeffersonville.

And from that time until now, our designated area code – 812 – became one way to characterize our family’s place in southern Indiana.

For you, my potential clients, that means you can count on knowledge and experience from your “812 agent” in real estate.

Now for the twist in my story: How will I ever live down a phone number like 502-523-5234?

Eeeeek. Why the 502 area code?

Because in the late 70s/early 80s when we all lugged our brick phones, the only available area code in the area of Louisville was 502. It’s still the area code for the Louisville metro and extended Kentucky areas. That’s when the 502 area code became attached to my mobile phone number. (A history lesson for millennials and a reminder of how things used to work for the rest of us.)

But 812 is the area code that I call home. So join me. To find your own wonderful and perfect 812 home, call or text 502-523-5234. I’ll answer your call and we’ll get the process rolling toward your perfect 812 home.